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Handling Rules & Warranty Terms

Handling Rules & Warranty Terms

Handling DESKO Products

DESKO recommends to observe the following operating instructions:

Do not drop the device

Protect device from violent impacts

The device is not waterproof, therefore it must always be kept protected from moisture or wetness

Keep the device away from heavy dirt and excessive dust

Warranty Includes

Warranty claims are only valid for the purchase of unused new devices. The warranty covers all defects that may occur despite proper use (see above).

A device is considered to be under warranty only if it is found to have a defect within the warranty period that clearly indicates a manufacturing defect or material failure. This also includes all electronic components.

Warranty Excludes

The warranty does not apply if the defects to the device is caused by other reasons, especially improper use of the device. The following constitutes a sample list to provide an overview, but does not include all possible defects that are not covered by the warranty:

  • Normal signs of use and wear
  • Improper use, accident or failure to comply with the usage instructions.
  • Defects that are caused by a strong impact or dropping of the device.
  • Leaking batteries, liquid damage, as well as any other type of object or foreign particles that can damage the device
  • Maintenance or modification of the device by someone other than DESKO or DESKO certified Service & Repair Centers.
  • Use of the device with other accessories, product extensions, other objects or devices (including batteries) that do not comply with DESKO specifications and are not officially approved by DESKO.
  • Shipping or other transit
  • Dirt and transit damage caused by improper and inadequate packaging. Shipping to a DESKO Service & Repair Center is not excluded.

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Handling Rules & Warranty Terms