From Germany to the entire world

Since the foundation of DESKO in 1991, the company has grown considerably.
Find out about the most important milestones in the company’s history here.

1991 1991
DESKO GmbH Corporate Foundation
1992 1992
Introduction of innovative data security solutions based on magnetic strip cards
1993 1993
Product launch of magnetic strip readers for the banking sector
1995 1995
Expansion and move to our own office building in Bayreuth, Germany
1996 1996
Product launch of novel devices for airlines and airports
1997 1997
Product launch of the first DESKO passport scanner
1999 1999
50,000 solutions installed for the banking sector
2001 2001
40,000 passport readers installed
2002 2002
Introduction of a proprietary system for payment transactions
2004 2004
Product launch of innovative full-page passport readers
2006 2006
Foundation of DESKO LC, Florida, USA
2007 2007
Technology pioneer and IATA partner for innovative barcode technology
2013 2013
Foundation of DESKO Pte. Ltd., Singapore
2016 2016
Extension of the company building

Currently, DESKO is a leading manufacturer of solutions for:

  • Travel
  • Security & Public Institutions
  • Self service
  • Banking
  • Hospitality

DESKO cooperates with leading research institutions and universities in Germany on the subject of optoelectronics and image processing. DESKO adopts and refines the basic developments and results of its cooperation partners and then incorporates them into a wide variety of DESKO applications and solutions.

Company History