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DESKO ID Analyze – Our ID document authentication solution to simplify your identity verification process


Do you regularly check ID cards and passports for authenticity and wish to automate this identity verification process? DESKO ID Analyze is what you need to make your workflow simpler and safer. The comprehensive ID document authentication solution includes both our ID document verification software and a DESKO document scanner. At the heart of this solution lies DESKO's proprietary Neuronic Document Authentication method: a smart, modular, and adaptive approach that ensures thorough and accurate verification.


Digital document verification - It has never been easier to verify ID documents

How does ID Analyze streamline the identity verification workflow, especially for tasks like customer onboarding, visitor registration, and KYC processes?

  • Plug & Play or SDK

    Depending on your requirements and preferences, you can choose between the Plug & Play version of ID Analyze with a modern interface or the SDK integration in your already existing IT infrastructure.

  • Choose your features

    You can flexibly choose the features of the solution to meet your specific requirements. You need advanced validations and data capture? You choose level 1 authentication. You want the full validation of an ID document? Choose level 2 authentication. Is barcode reading relevant for you? No problem, simply add it to your list.

  • State-of-the-art UX-Design

    No need for lengthy learning sessions: The Plug & Play version of ID Analyze comes with a user-friendly, intuitive interface that adheres to the latest UX standards. All relevant information is presented at a glance.

  • Automated data capture and document verification

    Simply scan the ID document. All the necessary data will be recorded, with all required checks carried out automatically. 

  • More flexibility

    You can upgrade or downgrade the features of ID Analyze at any time. Because sometimes requirements change and thus, your workflow does too.

  • Easy integration

    You only need to integrate one SDK to access all ID Analyze features. Integration support is, of course, provided.

  • Save reports

    For further processing of the captured data or proving compliance in the long run.

  • Easy handling of international ID documents

    There exist thousands of various forms of ID documents worldwide, ranging from passports and driver’s licenses to residence permits. Our comprehensive and up-to-date reference database makes it easy to stay informed.

How does the ID document authentication with ID Analyze work?


1. SELECT: Based on your specific requirements, you select the appropriate ID Analyze software features and the DESKO document scanner that best meets your needs. We will of course advise you on your decision.

2. SCAN: To get the verification process going, you only need to scan the ID document of interest. The DESKO ID document scanner captures all relevant information, including electronic data from the RFID chip and creates images under various light sources.

3. CHECK: Based on the chosen product features, ID Analyze performs a variety of checks on the scanned ID document, including the verification of various security features:

  • Level 1 Authentication involves advanced validations of the scanned ID document, such as MRZ checksum verification, expiry date validation, and UV-dullness inspection.
  • Level 2 Authentication stands for the full validation of an ID document like advanced data cross checks, pattern matching and more.

4. DECIDE: The test results are displayed within the user interface, with anomalies clearly highlighted for further evaluation. Other relevant information like the document holder's calculated age is also provided. This facilitates making well-informed decisions regarding the authenticity of the document being presented.

5. REPORT: If required, you can save the verification results within a report for further processing or for proving compliance in the long run.

What makes our ID document authentication solution different from other solutions in the market?

  • Complete Package

    Both software and hardware components of ID Analyze are developed in-house with over 30 years of experience in the development of document verification solutions. They are perfectly synchronized, making compatibility problems a thing of the past. 

  • Plug & Play or SDK

    ID Analyze adapts to your needs. You can opt for the standalone Plug & Play version or seamlessly integrate the SDK into your existing IT infrastructure.

  • State-of-the-art UX-Design

    A multilingual UX-design allows for an inutitive handling of the ID checking process. There is no need for a time-consuming software training.

  • Reliable Hardware

    By using world-renowned ID document scanners, the presented ID documents can be scanned under different light sources. This allows to confirm advanced security features like UV patterns or micro-printing. 

  • Flexibility

    Our document verification software allows you to remain flexible. You choose the software features you need and if your requirements change, you adapt them accordingly.

  • Own technology

    The technology and document database in use belongs to DESKO. This means ongoing development, optimization and regular updates.

  • Marketleadership

    Document scanners by DESKO set the standard for image quality and resolution. This ensures exceptionally reliable tests and eliminates errors caused by bad image quality.

  • Reference database

    An up-to-date international reference documents library is available as part of our ID checking software and can be added at any time.

  • Family-owned company

    As a medium-sized, family-owned company we don’t hide behind an anonymous corporate structure. We count on direct contact, swift decision-making, and above all, reliable support.


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Passport and ID scanner


Passport and ID scanner

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